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Foot and Ankle Pain Relief

Why are feet and ankle problems so common?

Our feet bear the brunt of our daily lives. They absorb the shock impact of our steps, stumbles and heavy jogging strikes. And, of course, the strain placed while wearing high heels or other footwear with virtually no proper support.

In fact, the lower part of our body is such a complex interplay of bones, tendons and joints that it shouldn’t be a surprise when some sort of problem eventually shows up. You probably won’t be able to “outrun” some level of ankle or foot pain in your lifetime, whether you’re a sports junkie or a couch potato. Ironically, both a very active lifestyle and an extremely sedentary one can lead to foot and ankle pain. Aging is often another factor.

What types of conditions can be helped with physical therapy?

With the tibia and fibula bones of the leg coming together at the ankle and arching over the foot’s talus bone, problems in your feet can influence ankle pain, and vice versa. Additionally, it can put stress on your knees, and throw off hip and spine alignment. For that reason, as a result, we have a high number of problems our physical therapist can address with physical therapy relating to feet and ankles is fairly substantial. Conditions include:

What happens in physical therapy?

Our dedicated team of physical therapists are trained to evaluate what you will need to work on, based on your medical condition in combination with your existing medical information. Our physical therapist will also evaluate your walk and ability to move your feet and ankles in various positions.

Many foot and ankle issues stem from inflammation. This causes a kind of “seizing-up” effect, and much of physical therapy will likely focus on simple movements that encourage flexibility and range of motion. In addition, if your ankles aren’t able to properly support your weight, strengthening exercises may be an important part of your therapy.

If gait issues are resulting from, or even causing, your foot and ankle pain, our team of physical therapists will teach you how to improve your posture when walking and running.

Are you ready to take the “first steps” toward making the rest of your steps pain-free?

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