Joel White

Joel White, Co-Founder / Owner

With much experience in manufacturing, Joel is not only DPT’s Co-Founder, but continuously works as DPT’s brand ambassador. On-board with the mission of “Get Better, Faster”, he uses his skills and experience in manufacturing to fabricate DPT’s mark in Health Care PT.

Additionally, Joel is a Certified Electrical Contractor and Owner of White Sign Company. WSC has been servicing, designing, and manufacturing since 2007. With 10 plus years in the field of technological landscaping, WSC continues to advance while possessing extensive skill and expertise in signs, lighting, awnings, and canopies.  Joel thrives to contribute to community business development.

Both Joel and Jocelyn were joined in marriage in 2009. As two successful entrepreneurs, they undoubtedly compliment one another in many areas. Joel is a proud father of four beautiful children, sharing values with Jocelyn that incorporate family, hard work, and helping others. With many achievements, Joel is most proud to be a husband and father. Considering, he has created DPT’s very emblem to ensure that the mission set forth is not only echoed through our works, but what DPT is positioned to stand for in Jocelyn’s ambition to deliver direct, customized PT service along with community awareness.




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