Anthony R. deLeon

I was diagnosed with Cervical Osteoarthritis. I was suffering from so much pain in the neck and the back. My blood pressure was affected and I had dizzy spells.

It was only when I employed Jocelyn “Joy” to us in our Fitness and Wellness Department as our In-house Physical Therapist (PT) that I realised the importance of not only changing my lifestyle, but the need to have a PT maintain my health and well-being.

Joy treated me after my duty hours and she took care of my condition for the whole duration of her employment with us. The treatment I received brought me relief and understanding of my condition.

What was different I felt at the time during our sessions was that she handled you not only as a patient but also as a student, since she taught me the correct ways of posture, and explained to me the rationale behind my treatment and care that I received. That is the personal touch not all therapists would readily provide.

I am so glad to hear that Joy is now opening a Clinic that will help people who suffer from chronic pain and progressive and degenerative ailments.

I highly recommend that her services be always availed and considered at every opportunity by those in dire need of relief and education of their condition.

My heartfelt congratulations and prayers for your continued success Joy! God bless you and your family always!

Anthony R. de Leon
General Manager, Baguio Country Club


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