Cindy Sutherland

I have been going to Direct Physical Therapy for several weeks and am so happy with the outcome I am getting.
One on one treatments , I am not rushed or hurried. It’s great.
I have tendinitis in both of my Achilles tendon. I have had Cortizone shots for approximately three years. I’ve tried stem cell shots. I finally opted for surgery. Which actually helped me, but I still have pain while walking.
(The Cortizone shots always worked for me but they were weakening my ankle muscles to where I could not stand on 1 foot or have balance at all. )
When I began treatment at direct physical therapy I could not stand or balance without the use of bars to hold onto. Within several weeks I’m able to stand on one foot, balance myself and not waiver at all. I am thrilled. The therapist had me isolate specific muscles and do exercises to strengthen them.
I have no pain in my right foot anymore at all. I still have some pain in my left foot and have continued treatment until that foot is pain free.
I have gotten great results from a wonderful place!


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