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“We help men and women experiencing chronic pain and long-term conditions by providing compassionate, one on one, Expert Physical Therapy In Deland FL. So they can overcome their symptoms, regain control of their life, and get back to the things they love to do”.


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At Deland Physical Therapy, we understand that every single person’s pain is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to your body, and how it is affecting your life so we can create a plan that focuses on YOU and your goals.

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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Direct Physical Therapy in Orange City, Sanford, Debary, or DeLand, FL ...

- Leah B.

“Women with hip tightness/hip pain, pelvic pain, continence issues, or lower back pain…GO to DPT! Do not hesitate! Megan Loso, Christin Caviness, and Jocelyn Besa are amazing physical therapists. They are so compassionate but also straight forward & tough. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to tend to my large garden anymore after I developed chronic pain in my hips, legs, knees and shins. They uncovered layers of muscle tightness, muscle weakness, and compensation that I had developed to deal with untreated issues. I have benefited the most with the combination of pelvic floor therapy (Christin) and physical therapy (Megan) to heal the hip from inside and out. I’ve learned how to use a theragun, massage, cupping, and breathing exercises to calm muscles down. I’m so grateful. While I still have a ways to go, I’m no longer worried that I was losing the ability to do the things I love. Very grateful for both the skilled physical therapy I have gotten AND the friendships I have developed at Direct Physical Therapy!! I’ve been to many physical therapists and chiropractors before but none of them can hold a candle to the therapists at Direct Physical Therapy.”

- Cindy S.

“I have been going to Direct Physical Therapy for several weeks and am so happy with the outcome I am getting. One on one treatments , I am not rushed or hurried. It’s great. I have tendinitis in both of my Achilles tendon. I have had Cortizone shots for approximately three years. I’ve tried stem cell shots. I finally opted for surgery. Which actually helped me, but I still have pain while walking. (The Cortizone shots always worked for me but they were weakening my ankle muscles to where I could not stand on 1 foot or have balance at all. ) When I began treatment at direct physical therapy I could not stand or balance without the use of bars to hold onto. Within several weeks I’m able to stand on one foot, balance myself and not waiver at all. I am thrilled. The therapist had me isolate specific muscles and do exercises to strengthen them. I have no pain in my right foot anymore at all. I still have some pain in my left foot and have continued treatment until that foot is pain free. I have gotten great results from a wonderful place!”

Get To Know Jocelyn Besa White...

In addition to being Direct PT’s Lead Physical Therapist, Jocelyn is a Co-Founder. Jocelyn is also a proud mother of four beautiful children and a wife of a successful entrepreneur. Her values include family, hard work, and helping others. Her ambition is to deliver the healing ministry of Christ through her years of experience in providing quality Physical Therapy services.

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