Patient Testimonials

  • I had gotten in a car accident that really messed up my back and after working with the amazing team at DPT I felt better than ever!

    Jorge Vargas

  • Staff could not be nicer! Doing a great job with my issues!

    Alice Baer

  • The staff at Direct Physical Therapy are amazing and professional. The sessions have alleviated my pain and I have learned about my body. Their office is not over booked and very nice. The personalized care given here is top notch.
    Tracy Hendrix

  • Jocelyn and her team are amazing. I injured my arm and thought I would just have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life. I was overwhelmed when I was pain free in two weeks. I refer Direct Physical Therapy to friends and family whenever they are in need of care.

    Eric Schreiner

  • I have been going here for a couple of weeks now and the staff is amazing and they have helped me to start to get better. Highly recommend them if you need help…
    Awesome place.

    Jackie Price

  • I had such an amazing experience with Joselyn, Jose and Kimberly at DPT!!! I walked in with the worst pain ever and they IMMEDIATELY made me feel so much better!! They took such care and effort to ask the right questions and get right to the point of my pain. I would recommend this business and have to my friends and family !

    Christi Dolan

  • I have been going to Direct Physical Therapy for several weeks and am so happy with the outcome I am getting.
    One on one treatments , I am not rushed or hurried. It’s great.
    I have tendinitis in both of my Achilles tendon. I have had Cortizone shots for approximately three years. I’ve tried stem cell shots. I finally opted for surgery. Which actually helped me, but I still have pain while walking.
    (The Cortizone shots always worked for me but they were weakening my ankle muscles to where I could not stand on 1 foot or have balance at all. )
    When I began treatment at direct physical therapy I could not stand or balance without the use of bars to hold onto. Within several weeks I’m able to stand on one foot, balance myself and not waiver at all. I am thrilled. The therapist had me isolate specific muscles and do exercises to strengthen them.
    I have no pain in my right foot anymore at all. I still have some pain in my left foot and have continued treatment until that foot is pain free.
    I have gotten great results from a wonderful place!

    Cindy Sutherland

  • I found DPT to meet my expectations of how a therapy facility should be in order to meet my needs. When you sign in Kimberly greets you with a smile and welcomes you. Mrs. White, owner & director along with her assistant have a pleasant & knowledgeable way of approaching your problems and do it with a caring attitude. It is my pleasure to recommend Direct Physical Therapy. Sincerely, Barbara A. Tindall
    Barbara Tindall

  • I was diagnosed with Cervical Osteoarthritis. I was suffering from so much pain in the neck and the back. My blood pressure was affected and I had dizzy spells.

    It was only when I employed Jocelyn “Joy” to us in our Fitness and Wellness Department as our In-house Physical Therapist (PT) that I realised the importance of not only changing my lifestyle, but the need to have a PT maintain my health and well-being.

    Joy treated me after my duty hours and she took care of my condition for the whole duration of her employment with us. The treatment I received brought me relief and understanding of my condition.

    What was different I felt at the time during our sessions was that she handled you not only as a patient but also as a student, since she taught me the correct ways of posture, and explained to me the rationale behind my treatment and care that I received. That is the personal touch not all therapists would readily provide.

    I am so glad to hear that Joy is now opening a Clinic that will help people who suffer from chronic pain and progressive and degenerative ailments.

    I highly recommend that her services be always availed and considered at every opportunity by those in dire need of relief and education of their condition.

    My heartfelt congratulations and prayers for your continued success Joy! God bless you and your family always!

    Anthony R. de Leon
    General Manager, Baguio Country Club

    Anthony R. deLeon

  • As a proud mentor of Jocelyn for more than a decade, I have nothing to say but with utmost pride and admiration. She is never short of delivering and exceeding expectations. A testament to her focus and perseverance as well as her ability to execute responsibilities and deliver successful outcomes. Jocelyn
    never stops to amaze me. As always, she is phenomenally inspirational and extremely caring. Her qualification, passion and personality make her a very highly suited in the healthcare industry. No doubt she will be seen to continue on delivering great results while capitalising on her experience, hardwork and commitment as she pursues her endeavors work with honesty, energy and an infectious enthusiasm.

    I congratulate Jocelyn for her new and exciting venture in life.

    Dona Taguinod-Leach
    Student Engagement Coordinator
    University of Tasmania

    Dona Taguinod-Leach


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