Patient Testimonials

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Direct Physical Therapy in Orange City, Sanford, Debary, or Deland, FL...

- Dona Taguinod-Leach

“As a proud mentor of Jocelyn for more than a decade, I have nothing to say but with utmost pride and admiration. She is never short of delivering and exceeding expectations. A testament to her focus and perseverance as well as her ability to execute responsibilities and deliver successful outcomes. Jocelyn”

- Anthony R. deLeon

“What was different I felt at the time during our sessions was that she handled you not only as a patient but also as a student, since she taught me the correct ways of posture, and explained to me the rationale behind my treatment and care that I received. That is the personal touch not all therapists would readily provide.”

- Barbara S.

“DPT is a located in main part of town with amble parking. Its clean ,has up to date equipment, easy access in and out of the first floor. The receptionist is so nice and friendly willing to schedule and accommodate. Therapist Lisa and the other ladies are very knowledgeable and caring. Lisa made sure I had the exercise I needed to continue my therapy at home. Definitely would recommend.”

- Sonia A.

“I can’t say enough about DPT, the clinicians, and staff there. Angela greets you with a smile and I was treated by Dr. White and Dr. Lisa on different occasions. I walked out each time feeling so much better. They do a wonderful job of not just treating the pain but focusing on the root cause. I really love how they educate you in the process. You leave knowing what you can do to be your own advocate in feeling better. Highly recommend!”

- Tiffany B.

“I had lower back pain that was stopping me from lifting heavy to compete for a powerlifting competition. I worked with both Jose and Jocelyn and within a few sessions I felt like new. I was able to compete without any back pain and won first place female and 3 national records. Kim, Jose, and Jocelyn made me feel very welcomed and cared for. I highly recommend going to DPT Physical Therapy to anyone! Thank you DPT Physical Therapy for fixing me up!”

- Leah B.

“Women with hip tightness/hip pain, pelvic pain, continence issues, or lower back pain…GO to DPT! Do not hesitate! Megan Loso, Christin Caviness, and Jocelyn Besa are amazing physical therapists. They are so compassionate but also straight forward & tough. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to tend to my large garden anymore after I developed chronic pain in my hips, legs, knees and shins. They uncovered layers of muscle tightness, muscle weakness, and compensation that I had developed to deal with untreated issues. I have benefited the most with the combination of pelvic floor therapy (Christin) and physical therapy (Megan) to heal the hip from inside and out. I’ve learned how to use a theragun, massage, cupping, and breathing exercises to calm muscles down. I’m so grateful. While I still have a ways to go, I’m no longer worried that I was losing the ability to do the things I love. Very grateful for both the skilled physical therapy I have gotten AND the friendships I have developed at Direct Physical Therapy!! I’ve been to many physical therapists and chiropractors before but none of them can hold a candle to the therapists at Direct Physical Therapy.”

- Gina C.

“Best Physical Therapy experience I’ve ever had! They treat from the inside out. They know their patients, care about how their patients feel. I have chronic migraine and they have taught me how to help control my headaches and other pain that comes along with my headaches. They understand my migraines are not just headaches. I always feel heard. And that is always important. I will for forever recommend DPT.”

- Renee F.

“Excellent care! A team of therapists, each with their own area of expertise, work together to provide comprehensive care. They’re very sensitive to individuals’ levels of pain and flexibility. As people, Megan, Lisa, Shelby, and Angela, are all down to earth, easy to work with, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend DPT for your recovery and rehabilitation.”

- Dennis R.

“I highly recommend DPT to anyone who needs Physical Therapy. I had frozen shoulder and surgery done and from day one they made me feel so comfortable. Their staff are amazing(Especially Meagan), besides the expert care you get, they also treat you like family the minute you walk in. Truly a great place and experience.”

- Mark P.

“Post op recovery after a shoulder injury wasn’t going to be easy. This outstanding team of Jose, Jocelyn, and Olga are hands down the best group of physical therapists around. They made my recovery and healing time easy for me. Just under 3 months after surgery, I regained full motion, mobility, and strength back. They are so selfless, understanding, and dedicated to each individual patient. I am now pain free and back to coaching baseball thanks to them. I will recommend this facility to absolutely anyone who needs physical therapy ! Thank you, guys. Much appreciated.”

- Lisa P.

“After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip. My Orthopaedic doctor recommended physical therapy. My son had great success with DPT. I have been 2 times and already notice a difference. Although it will take some time to get back to feeling good again, I have complete confidence that the PT’s will get me there. Not only do the work on my injury they educate. I highly recommend DPT.”

- Wendy Y.

“Direct Physical Therapy is the best place to go for physical therapy. Jocelyn, Jose and Olga are all amazing! I’ve suffered with hip bursitis for quite a while, and every time it flares up my doctor gives me an injection. This latest flare-up didn’t respond to the injection, so he ordered physical therapy, and Direct Physical Therapy was a God send! After the first week, the pain was gone and I could actually put weight on my left leg! Jose was the best, and if I ever need physical therapy again, I won’t go anywhere else!”

- Emilio C.

“I’ve worked with both Jose and Jocelyn and they are both excellent. I’ve been rehabbing my knee after my most recent injury and my recovery has been amazing. I’ve made progress on things I haven’t been able to accomplish since my meniscus injury. Within just a few days of following the rehab plan of what exercises and stretches to do, I feel remarkably better. They make themselves available to you whenever you need advice and are prompt and thoughtful with feedback. Great spot for physical therapy!”

- Ann G.

“I can’t say enough about Direct Physical Therapy in Orange City, FL, where I received the best 4 1/2 months of therapy and care for my unicompartmental knee replacement. The entire staff is wonderful! From the time I walked through the front door for my first visit and personal assessment, to the day my therapy was complete, I found this team of doctors, physical therapists, and staff, to be of the highest caliber of professionalism, knowledge, and care. (A special thanks to Dr. Lisa LePine for her one-on-one attention.) If you have any kind of physical therapy need, I highly recommend you see this group!! … and don’t wait!”

- Cindy S.

“I have been going to Direct Physical Therapy for several weeks and am so happy with the outcome I am getting. One on one treatments , I am not rushed or hurried. It’s great. I have tendinitis in both of my Achilles tendon. I have had Cortizone shots for approximately three years. I’ve tried stem cell shots. I finally opted for surgery. Which actually helped me, but I still have pain while walking. (The Cortizone shots always worked for me but they were weakening my ankle muscles to where I could not stand on 1 foot or have balance at all. ) When I began treatment at direct physical therapy I could not stand or balance without the use of bars to hold onto. Within several weeks I’m able to stand on one foot, balance myself and not waiver at all. I am thrilled. The therapist had me isolate specific muscles and do exercises to strengthen them. I have no pain in my right foot anymore at all. I still have some pain in my left foot and have continued treatment until that foot is pain free. I have gotten great results from a wonderful place!”

- Christi R.

“I had such an amazing experience with Joselyn, Jose and Kimberly at DPT!!! I walked in with the worst pain ever and they IMMEDIATELY made me feel so much better!! They took such care and effort to ask the right questions and get right to the point of my pain. I would recommend this business and have to my friends and family!”

- Romelle A.

“My best decision ever for physical therapy Mrs White Kim and Jose really care After a thorough evaluation of my vertigo problem they developed a plan With each I was better and always so encouraged I call them The We Care group My vertigo is better but only because of Outstanding people who care and have excellent PT Thanks you guys”

- Renee F.

“Excellent care! A team of therapists, each with their own area of expertise, work together to provide comprehensive care. They’re very sensitive to individuals’ levels of pain and flexibility. As people, Megan, Lisa, Shelby, and Angela, are all down to earth, easy to work with, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend DPT for your recovery and rehabilitation.”

- David E.

“Lymphedema of the legs is a troubling and debilitating condition. After unsuccessfully trying to go through my doctors to find someone who could treat me, I did lots of research on my own on the internet. There, I learned that the first line of treatment for Lymphedema is given by specially trained physical therapists. Finding the right one one was the next challenge.

I got lucky when I found Jocelyn at Direct Physical Therapy in Orange City, Fl. She not only has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy but has trained and is certified in a number of specialties, including Lymphedema. She is rigorous in pursuing every opportunity for continuing education, training, and certification that comes her way. Over the course of my treatment program with her, my swelling has completely disappeared and I have experienced a reduction in pain and discomfort which I had from some orthopedic problems I had even though Jocelyn was not even treating me for them!

My impression of Jocelyn as a person is that she is exceptionally kind and dedicated to the well being of her patients. Frequently, she has continued her sessions with me far beyond the point which the insurance company was paying for. Her attitude is that she will do whatever is necessary for the welfare of her patients. She is results-oriented and she gets results with what I can only describe as magic hands and fingers.

Jocelyn is an owner of DPT as well as its therapist “par excellence.” It is clear that she takes pride in the establishment and wants it to be excellent in every way. Walking in for each session feels like a visit to your family with happy greetings from Olga and Jose and a nice bowl of candy. (Don’t tell my wife)”

- Claudio P.

“Best place to go for sports injury recovery. I walked in with a pulled hamstring caused by playing soccer. After every visit I felt better and noticed the difference. They work one on one with you every visit for up to one hour. I’ve learned so much of myself and the mistakes I was doing before stepping on the soccer field. Highly recommended 👍🏽”

- Zoraida O.

“I highly recommend this place for rehabilitation. The staff is very profesional, corteous and dedicated to every patient. In my experience I got more than physical therapy, it was relief and emotional therapy knowing that I was in good hands. Every time that I had my physical therapy it was a joy getting to the front desk where Angela receive me with a beautiful smile, ready to assist and resolve any issues with my health insurance. Shelby and Lisa they were always there for me ready to answer questions and ready to provide the best treatment possible for my condition. It is also great that they are understanding and they show respect to everybody no matter your ethnicity or language. They work as a team and that is great! Thank you ladies and God bless you all!”

- Theresa R.

“I had a wonderful experience at Direct Physical Therapy. The staff is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and treat each patient as if they were the only person in there. Every session that I had at the facility was beneficial and the therapist gave me the resources to complete my PT work everyday to strengthen my knee. I am extremely grateful for all of their work with me and I would highly recommend their services to everyone I know!”